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Dmitry Livanov and Dmitry Medvedev speaking about Important Issue of Education, Science and Economy


On the launch of a new large-scale project "Russian Electronic school", through which children can fully or partially receive eleven-year general education: Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federationi Dmitry Livanov spoke at a meeting of the State Council on the improvement of the general education system. STRF.ru reporter asked the head of the Russian Ministry to disclose details of the project.

"We believe it is important that at the federal level be created a system of e-learning, which would provide full curriculum, from first to eleventh grade. It is about 12 thousand lessons ", - said Dmitry Livanov. From this distant education system  many students can benefit. For example students who have temporarily dropped out of the learning process due to illness, and those who live in rural remote areas, outside of Russia and have inclination to study Russian educational program .

The system, according to the Minister, will have to ensure control of knowledge and procure with a certificate of education.

"For example one can, study one year, or studyt a single item master or graduate with the program from first to eleventh grade completed in the framework of the system. In latter case he gets the same certificate, as well as other children who go to a regular, full-time school" - said Dmitry Livanov.

The introduction of e-learning in the framework of the "Russian Electronic School" project involves creation of video versions of school lessons, which will be publicly available on the Internet. Tutorials will be given by the best teachers of Russia. “Essentially, the entire school program is a good team of teachers. For example, mathematics is taught by Pratusevich, director of 239th Lyceum of St. Petersburg, literature is taught by Arkhangelsky, which is known to all from the TV channel "Culture". Maybe someone else will be invited - so that it be interesting. Naturally, those will be people who have practical experience in school – first of all teachers, but not necessarily the teachers "- said the Minister.

The implementation of the project, which is already running for the 5th - 9th grade according to Dmitry Livanov will take from three to four years.


"It is imperative that Russia was at the forefront of research, so all of our programs are designed to attract bright, talented people to work with us", - told Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov to STRF journalist when speaking about scientific research in Russia.

All the leading Russian universities, including the participants of the "5-100" of the project create new laboratories, equip them with the necessary scientific equipment, invite leading scientists - both foreign and compatriots, said the speaker. This is also necessary to work with young people, and to build scientific schools, and rebuild those in the 1990 years.

In 2015 the leading universities almost doubled their publication activity, said Dmitry Livanov.

"2014 is the first one since 1991, when the increase in the number of scientists in Russia was observed. This is evidence that we have a strong state, that investments result in smth good", - said the Minister.


Along withsuch simultaneous challenges, as the sharp fall in oil prices, sanctions pressure and chart

change of the whole paradigm of the global economy, "our own structural problems sharpened: the apparent lack of sources of economic growth and export income" stated Chairman of the Russian Federation Govermnetn Dmitry Medvedev at the Gaidar Forum in RANHiGS.

The most painful consequences of economic shocks in 2015, according to the prime minister, are: the decline in production volumes, reduction of business and investment activity, falling of income of population. "Many people have become poorer, the middle class is affected" - said Dmitry Medvedev.

He recalled that last 15 years policies focused on welfare were carried out "sometimes even at the expense of structural reforms" - "people's income increased faster than the economy grew". Using the windfall from the oil sector, we raised salaries and pensions, built hospitals and kindergartens. " In other words, "welfare was overtaking modernization", however, it became possible to halve the incidence of poverty since the early 2000s.

The main way to reverse the fall of standard of living is "to achieve sustainable economic growth." The positive trends that the government intends to strengthen this year, are stability of the financial system, the stable operation of the banking sector, the preservation of the basic of macroeconomic stability, Dmitry Medvedev said.

According to the Chairman of the Russian Government subsidizing interest rates on loans will continue, because the rate is quite high. Also qualification for those who want to participate in the program supporting the investment projects implemented on the basis of project financing will continue as well as the implementation of sectoral plans for import substitution.

Certain resources are provided in 2016 to support small and medium-sized enterprises; "Taxation conditions for single tax on imputed income for small and medium-sized businesses for 2016 will remain unchanged," Dmitry Medvedev said.

The Prime Minister announced the creation of a new model of economic growth.

"We have areas that can live without income from energy exports. They invested in modernization of production facilities on a timely and efficient basis. They found investors, they built new factories, they increased production with higher value added.

This is an example to which we should aspire in the whole country scale ", - said chairman of the Russian Government.

The main factor of growth recovery, he said, is still the governmental stimulation of investment. «No structural changes are nevertheless possible lacking businesses investing in infrastructure and innovation projects, development of small and medium-sized enterprises, involvement of new technologies," concluded Dmitry Medvedev.


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