Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The FTP 2014-2020

Russian Scientists Will be Able to Control Icebergs

New technologies will allow to predict their tracks and put them aside in a proactive manner

August 27

Russian Scientists to Create a "Protein" Search Engine

A new tool for personalized medicine designed

August 20

Composites as best material for 3D-printing

Russian engineers to develop a cutting-edge technology 3D-printing process

February 03

Russian scientists to replace pesticides:

the substitute will perhaps help farmers in organic food production

February 02

Assessing the outside threat

Russian scientists to monitor cosmic radiation with new predictive mechanisms

January 30

Sea will be explored with anchors

Russian scientists develop special devices to monitor climate of sea coastal zones

January 29

Hydrocarbon mathematics

MIPT researcher trying to create software to explore Arctic oil

January 27

Chasing the strain

Russian scientists are on the way to propose a unique method for antibiotics screening

January 26

Bacteria to preserve fruits

Russian scientists to develop natural preservatives for agricultural industry

January 17

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